Q&A from National Small Business Week Conference - The Power of AI


Did you attend the National Small Business Week Virtual Summit? If you didn’t, fear not! We collected questions asked by our attendees and ran them by our own Constant Contact experts to provide you with knowledge on unlocking the power of AI in email marketing to help you sell more.


Want a copy of the slide deck used during the presentation? Click here.

How do I start to use Artificial Intelligence in my marketing (AI)?

Just like building out other parts of your marketing strategy, think about your goals. Then, consider the tasks which will need to be done in order to achieve those goals. Tasks like writing an email, creating a social post, or even sending a text to customers are all great places to start using AI to develop your messaging. Depending on the task, there are opportunities where AI can be included in the process. 

Does Constant Contact have built-in AI tools or do we have to obtain them separately?

While you are welcome to use external programs, our built-in AI tools address your needs as a small business marketer. They are a great way to help you break through writer’s block or provide some inspiration when you are looking to promote a sale or maybe announce a new service. We have email content generators and content generators for our SMS marketing tool.


If you want to further strengthen the relationships you have with your audience, you can automate your marketing by creating an automated path. Simply put, depending on an action (or trigger) a contact or customer takes, they’ll be directed into their own customized “path” that will provide them with content or prompts which make the most sense to them. This is a great tool to consider if you use ecommerce!

Can I optimize the subject line in my campaigns using AI?

First impressions are key and it’s no different in email marketing. Subject lines are one of the first things your contacts see in their inboxes and will greatly determine whether or not they open your email. Our recommended subject line tool scans the content of your email and suggests some subject lines that helps to entice your audience to open your email. 

What are some good AI apps for online marketing, besides ChatGPT?

You’ve probably heard of Grammarly and Canva. Grammarly is great for correcting spelling and grammar. Canva allows you to create professionally designed images. Both programs are releasing their own AI powered tools to create content that best suits your voice and brand.

Is AI used differently across different industries, like B2C or nonprofits?

Not particularly. If you are using the correct prompts and the right context, you’ll receive a result that is more tailored to you.

Can you use AI for social media to promote your business or grow your mailing list?

Absolutely. You have two options when creating an ad: reach a broad audience or target those who are best suited to engage with the ad. Casting a large net may be beneficial if you’re not sure who could be interested in your business. However, this may not be the best use of your spending. AI comes into play when creating a targeted audience based on the demographics you select like age, gender, or location. You can go a step further by creating a lookalike audience where Facebook will find users who are more likely to be interested in your page because they share similar characteristics to your existing followers.

Want to learn more about using AI with your marketing strategy? Ask away! Leave your question below.



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