Q&A from our "Create Your Website: 3 Pages You Need to Publish With Confidence" Webinar


Publishing your website can feel like a daunting task. Even with a template that takes care of the look and feel of your website, you still need to create the content for your pages. It’s easy once you know where to focus. You can publish your website quickly with just the essential pages you need to get yourself online. 


We recently hosted a webinar where we discussed the important pages you should be focusing on when publishing a website. A few highlights from the webinar included: 

  • The four questions your homepage must answer before you hit publish
  • The real purpose of your about page and how to create one your visitors want to read
  • How to make it easy for visitors to find and contact you
  • Tips for using images on these pages


In this post, you can watch the webinar in its entirety and read some of the questions asked by our attendees. Interested in our free, future webinars? Sign up here to stay informed!



Website Design/Content


How important is it to have a blog page?

If your business or organization has a strong focus on creating content, then a blog page would be a great addition. You can use it to share your expertise on various topics or events but don't lose focus on who is reading your posts. What is most useful for the reader?


On the contact page, isn't it recommended to include "Who to Contact" or names?

Yes, if you have a larger company or employees who handle specific aspects of your business, you can certainly include their contact information. You should have at least one main phone number listed in case there isn’t a phone number that fits someone's needs.


What is the best font to use on my website?

While there isn't one concrete answer, sans serif fonts are generally best for websites. Readability is the key here. A fun, less serious font can be exciting but is this how you want others to view your business? It's usually best to stick with a clean font.


Is there a rule about having too many tabs or pages?

With so many pages being viewed on mobile devices, space is a priority. You don't want to overwhelm your page visitors! See if you can do sub-pages or do a kabob menu that can be clicked on to reveal other pages (note: this is not a feature that is currently available in our Website Builder tool but may be available in others).


What do you think about banners on my home page that switch every few seconds?

Changing images are nice to present information in an animated way but the timing may not be long enough for a reader to fully see what you are promoting and make a decision. Use your navigation menu or other display methods to promote pages.


I work from home and don’t want to share my address on the Contact page. What should I do?

That’s understandable. We highly suggest having a strong Contact Us page that contains a contact form for page visitors or at least a phone number or email address for customers to reach you. 


You mentioned having a sign-up form on my website. Where should I put this?

Look to see what pages your visitors are landing on the most. These are ideal spots to have an inline sign-up form so they are not taken away from your site. Maybe even try a pop-up! Constant Contact has lot of sign-up tool options



Website Builder


I want to start my own website and have no idea where to begin. What can Constant Contact do for me?

Welcome and congrats on taking the first step! We have a free, intelligent website builder that allows you to create a professional, mobile-responsive website in just minutes. Whether you’re looking to create a blog or an online store, we have what you need.


Does this work for businesses or organizations that don’t have a physical location?

You do not need to have a physical location in order to create a website using Website Builder. We highly suggest having a strong Contact Us page that contains a contact form for page visitors or a phone number or email address for customers to reach you at. Make sure to watch our webinar which covers how to make this happen.


What if I already have my own website? Can you rebuild it for me?

The website builder is a do-it-yourself tool and we do not offer any services at this time that include the creation or publishing of the website. If you get stuck or need help, our Support team is here for you.


Can I buy an SSL certificate for my site using the Builder?

An SSL certificate is included!


Can I do a blog page or create my own blog?

Yes, you can add a Blog section. When adding a new section to a page, you will have a list of different types of sections you can add to your site. There will be an option for "Blog" in that list. You can also add and manage blog posts as well.


Does the Website Builder have storefront/shopping cart functions?

Yes, we have an eCommerce option where you can manage sales and products. You will have the option to set it up with Paypal or Stripe, and your customers will be able to make purchases directly through your site. You can manage your inventory, set tax rates, manage shipping options and so much more





Is there a way to remove the Constant Contact branding from my free website?

Yes, if you have a paid plan, we can remove the branded ad banner and you can create your own domain. Otherwise, you will have Constant Contact as a subdomain and it will look like the following: https://www.yourwebsitename.constantcontact.com


I already have my own domain. Can I bring it over to the Constant Contact Website Builder? What if I create a domain here and want to transfer it elsewhere?

This can all be done under a paid plan. Once you have a paid plan, you can transfer your domain into our Builder. Please view our Pricing to see what best fits your needs. After 60 days, you are able to transfer your URL (domain) to another company. You would have to build your website again since it is created on our own platform and cannot be transferred elsewhere.





Is there an SEO service available?

Yes, we offer a paid SEO tool that is separate from the website tool, should you choose to continue using your own website builder. You can audit your site, optimize your pages and adjust your keyword rankings. Within the Website Builder, there is on-site SEO that allows you to add a short description of your site and add keywords. You can also control the H1 and description for each page.


When someone looks at my web site, can their information go into our contact list in Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is permission-based which means that contacts must opt-in to receive mailings from you. You can add a "Join my mailing list" section to collect your customer information and use one of our sign-up tools to make it easy for a contact to sign themselves up.


Do you have an archive of previous Constant Contact webinars?

Our YouTube page has a playlist of all of our recent monthly webinars, including our After Hour sessions. Also, our Community has been posting the post-webinar Q&As along with links to the webinar too.




During our webinar, we reviewed three websites and those crucial pages (Home, About, and Contact) you should focus on. Dave Charest, Director of Content Marketing for Constant Contact, did a special After Hours video to review what was discussed and used real examples of websites submitted by attendees to put these practices into action. 



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