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  • Learn tips for producing great videos
  • Start creating engaging videos - no video experience or big budget required


About our guest:

Sarah Urbonas, Director of Product Marketing, Partnerships @ Vimeo. Sarah builds partnerships that extend the power of video to fuel business growth. She has 7+ years of experience in developing go-to-market strategy, product positioning, and campaigns for companies like Dropbox, VMware, and AWS.




How do I insert videos into my campaigns?

Once your video is hosted on a supported program (at this time, it’s YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia), you can use the Video block to insert a video into your campaign.


We have an integration with Vimeo so you can upload videos directly into your library so they can be easily inserted into campaigns, landing pages, and surveys.

Can my video autoplay in the campaign or on my website?

Videos do not autoplay within Constant Contact campaigns. Most email clients do not support embedded videos anyways so there is no plan to add this ability. One thing you could consider is creating a GIF of a few seconds of your video to add some movement enticing people to click to watch and then insert the GIF into your campaign


Websites should allow you to embed the video and play it on your website. YouTube has an Embed option available through Share when viewing your video. 


If your video is stored on Vimeo, you can click the Share option on your video, next to "Embed", then click “Show options" and below the thumbnail, you'll see a section called "Special stuff" where you can check the box to autoplay your video.

I saw something earlier this week that cautioned using images in email because it may affect load-time on mobile devices. How might adding video to Constant Contact emails affect mobile load time?

For imagery, the more images you add, the longer it will load. In most cases, we suggest anywhere from 1 to 3 images. The other thing to think about is where you're hosting the images. If you're uploading into your Constant Contact library, your images may be compressed a bit for file size, which certainly helps. 


For video, it's not really an issue as you can't embed a video directly into your email. When you choose to add a video, it will add in a thumbnail of the video, people will click to watch the video wherever it is stored

What's an example of a product video for those of us in the services industry?

Try using a testimonial or a way your service was a success story for someone. What was the end result? Do your services allow the customer to do something on their own once the transaction was completed? How does this benefit them and maybe those who are watching the video? Include a bit about what you did on your end to help them get there.


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