Q&A from our "Making Sense of Online Marketing for Home and Building Service Businesses" Webinar


Over half of home service customers run a search before scheduling an appointment and most of them don’t have a specific company in mind when they start their search.


Even during COVID-19, the basics of online marketing are more important than ever. From making sure your business is found to keeping it top of mind, find out how to get the word out about your services online.


If you’re just getting started with online marketing or not seeing the results you’ve hoped for then this webinar recap is for you. Even if your business isn't in this particular industry, we think that many of the practices discussed can be applied to many other industries! With our guest expert, Ryan Redding, you’ll learn a smarter, more practical approach to getting the word out about your home and building services in today’s world. Topics discussed during the webinar included:

  • How people find you online
  • How to set yourself up for success
  • How it all comes together

In this post, you can watch the webinar in its entirety and read some of the questions asked by our attendees. Interested in our free, future webinars? Sign up here to stay informed!


Ryan Redding is the CEO of DP Marketing Services which specializes in digital marketing for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractors, and author of The Book On Digital Marketing for Plumbing & HVAC Contractors. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and two children.



Ryan suggested that we have a blog on our website. Is there a blog area in Constant Contact?

You can create a blog using our website builder. In the builder, you can easily create, manage, and organize your posts and add tags, images, and videos to include a visual element.


What is a listing or review?

A listing is all of the places online where your business is or could be listed and show up in search results. Most of these places or sites are where you can also collect reviews for your business. Think Yelp, BBB, Google My Business etc.


You will want to find existing listings that are already out there about your business and claim the listing so you can gain control of it and also respond to reviews. You may also want to spend some time thinking about other sites that will be relevant to your customers and your industry so you can show up in search results.


For a more in-depth discussion on review sites and how to ask your customers to provide reviews for your business, check out the Q&A from our "Harness the Power of Listings & Reviews" webinar.


Does Constant Contact have a template we can use to ask our contacts for reviews? 

There are a few. Try searching for "feedback" in the template picker. While we don't have a template for every review site, our templates can be customized to fit your needs.


I'm creating a welcome email for new contacts and as a thank you, I want to include a coupon. People like monetary rewards but I'm not sure I can afford to give out a lot of $10 coupons. What else can I offer my new contacts?

The trick is that it needs to "feel" like $10 but not actually cost you $10. Some common ideas are 'enter for a chance to win a discounted service', or if you have a really solid brand already established, "Subscribe to our email list, and get 10% off your next purchase". Customers tend to have two different triggers: either financial or emotional. Find the trigger that works best for your customers.


We are an A/V & smart home retail store with a full design and installation department. Some of what we do is considered "essential" right now. Is there a balance of content that you suggest so we are promoting our essential products and services, but also including more fun content without sounding either too heavy or too lighthearted?

Great question! First, make it clear what services you are continuing to provide for your customers that are essential. For everything else, find ways to help build value for your business for the stuck-at-home audience. For example, share videos of your team showing how you're passing the time or giving back to the community, or provide tips to parents to help them occupy their kids' time. One contractor we saw shared a video of a large box from an install that the customer's kids were using as a fort. Get fun, and be creative!


I want to find new leads for my business. You discussed promoting your business on other social media sites but LinkedIn wasn't discussed. What are your thoughts on this?

It entirely depends on your customer. If you are a B2C, LinkedIn is probably not the most efficient way to generate leads. But if you're a B2B, you absolutely must be present there.


I would love for my business to be more present on social media. How can I find someone to set up my pages for me?

While Constant Contact does not provide this service, it's fairly easy to set up these pages yourself. If you're still looking for help, Ryan suggested reaching out to your local Small Business Development Center for assistance. (Please note this is a third-party link. Any links we provide from non-Constant Contact sites or information about non-Constant Contact products or services are provided as a courtesy and should not be construed as an endorsement by Constant Contact)


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