Q&A from "Last-Minute Holiday Email Ideas" Webinar


We have some last-minute holiday email marketing ideas that you can put into place just in time to capture those crucial end-of-year sales.


In this free webinar session, we’ll show you:

  • How to execute a brief but successful email & social media marketing campaign
  • Tools you can use to market your campaign
  • How to be more efficient during this busy season with time-saving tips

Here you'll find the questions asked by our attendees during the webinar. Want to view the recording? Click here to register and gain access! 


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How do I see available Holiday templates in my account?

You can search for “Holiday” when viewing the template picker.


Do you have any holiday background, divider or top/bottom images already available in stock photos in Constant Contact?

We sure do! You can search for them in the Stock Library.


Can I edit my photos in Constant Contact?
Yes! We have a photo editor in the library that allows you to make simple edits such as cropping or something more advanced like adding frames.


How do you include a GIF in the newsletter? Is it like uploading a photo?
It is very similar! We have some best practices for including GIFs in emails, such as keeping the GIF smaller than 600 pixels and less than 5mb in size.


How large should the header be in my email?

You can upload images up to 800 pixels in width but we do recommend keeping it no larger than 600 pixels to make sure it looks great in your email!


Should I change the subject line when resending my email to people who didn't open the first time?
It is a best practice to update the subject line before resending.


I would love to be able to offer a Donate button that clicks directly to a donation source for nonprofits. Is that possible?

Sure! You can link to your Donation webpage in your email. We suggest inserting a button to make it stand out! If you have our Email Plus package, you can use our Donation Action Block to create a donation landing page that connects directly to Constant Contact.


Can a video play inside an email?
Videos cannot play from an email, but you can insert a video to make it appear embedded. This will also create a thumbnail of the video and link off to where it is hosted.


Is there a way to embed your own HTML code into Constant Contact?

You can use your own HTML through our Custom Code emails.


Where can I learn more about the A/B test feature?
Our Knowledge Base has a great article outlining the A/B test feature available in our third generation editor.



With the marketing calendar, is there a way to track or print reports on the analytics?

You can access some reporting details while viewing sent campaigns on the Marketing Calendar or you can click More Details to drill down further.


Social Share


What is Social Share?

Social Share is a great way to quickly share your email on your social media accounts. You can create posts for these pages that promote a link to your email and are scheduled to publish automatically.


Can you use Social Share to share an email on Facebook? What about on a LinkedIn company page?

You can for both! Click here for more info on connecting social pages to your Constant Contact account.



How do I add an email address to my current list without creating a new list?

You can edit the contact and update what lists they belong to.



Is there a database of your webinars online? I wanted to attend your last one but couldn't.
We’ve covered quite a few right here in the Community! You can find many under the label of Product Questions. They will include a place where you can register and you will receive a copy of the webinar. To view the rest of our available webinars, visit our Blog.

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