Q&A from "Sell More in Less Time: How to Focus on Existing Customers to Grow Your Business" webinar


Research consistently shows that existing customers are one of your greatest assets. While it might seem complicated to boost retention, it doesn’t have to be. Email marketing plays an essential role in retaining customers, allowing you to nurture and cultivate lasting relationships.


That’s why, in this free, one-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to use email marketing to focus on existing customers to sell more and grow your business.


You’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of using email to improve retention
  • How to segment your list and automate emails to improve results
  • How to eliminate guesswork with predictive analytics so you send the right messages to the right people at the right times to increase ecommerce sales



Email Marketing 

Where can I find photos to include in my emails?

You can find stock images within your Constant Contact account. There are free images as well as images you can pay an additional fee for.




What plan do you need to have in order to use segments?

Segmentation is available for all accounts


I want to use click segmentation. Do you have to create a list prior to enabling it in an email?

No, when enabling click segmentation, you can create a new list or select an existing list.


Can contacts belong to more than one segment? I’m nervous that they’ll be sent duplicate emails.

Yes, contacts can belong to multiple segments. If you send an email to multiple segments that a contact is a part of, we will only send them one email.


How can I find my most and least engaged subscribers? 

You can view email engagement information from the Insights tab under Contacts. From there, you can save engaged contacts as a segment


What ecommerce options are available under the Segments tool?

At this time, you can only create a segment based on ecommerce activity from Shopify, Etsy, and eBay. Some available criteria include placing an order, filtering the number of orders placed by a customer or the amount spent.




Our nonprofit wants to send an anniversary email to our donors for the date they made their first donation but we don’t have the date saved in their contact profile. It lives in our own database. How can we update this information in Constant Contact?

You will need to upload the donor date into the Anniversary field. You will likely need to export your contact information from your database (including anniversary date) and then you can upload the file of contacts to add the anniversary date. 


I have over 100 lists and I’ve started to look into tags. What is the value of tagging and how do I use them?

Tags are a way to further segment your list or add another layer to your segmentation. Tags are only something that you have access to, meaning your customers have no way to tag themselves. The real benefit is when you go to send your emails, on the schedule page, you can choose your list(s) and then choose to only include or exclude one or more tags. 



Does Constant Contact have an affiliate program? 

Yes, you can find out more about our Affiliate profile and apply here.


Do you have in-person training sessions?

Due to restrictions across the country due to COVID-19, there is a reduction in the number of seminars being offered. We hope to re-introduce them when it is safest for everyone. You can view a list of available seminars on our Blog.

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