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With only a few weeks left in the holiday season, it’s time to get in front of shoppers and supporters to end the year on a high note. You don't have to do this alone, though! Fortunately, we had some experts on hand who were happy to give some last-minute advice during a recent webinar.


We were joined by two guests who provided their expertise to hundreds of webinar attendees. David Fischer from Solutions for Growth which helps small businesses market themselves effectively with the goal of growing sales. He brings over 30 years of marketing experience across a range of industries. By focusing only on small businesses, David understands their unique needs and provides professional advice and proven marketing tools. Also joining us was our own Dave Charest, Director of Content Marketing here at Constant Contact.




About the session

This was a webinar focused on holiday marketing strategies. The session was designed to answer questions and provide insights on how to effectively market during the holiday season. Topics discussed included general marketing tips, email marketing, list growth, social media strategies, and the use of SMS tools.


Key speakers

1. Stephanie French: Senior Producer for Webinars, Constant Contact

2. Dave Shares: Director of Small Business Success, Constant Contact

3. David Fisher: Founder, Solutions for Growth



The webinar began with an introduction and overview of the holiday marketing landscape. The speakers then addressed pre-submitted questions on various topics, including general holiday marketing strategies, email marketing, list growth, social media strategies, and the use of SMS tools. The session concluded with a Q&A segment.



Emphasize the importance of consistent marketing and value delivery


The speakers stressed the significance of consistent marketing throughout the year, as well as delivering value to the customer. They suggested that marketing is not a seasonal activity but should be a continuous effort to keep the business in front of consumers.


"Marketing is not something that you do in January and in December on July 4. Marketing is something that takes place all the time," highlighted David. He also emphasized that marketing should focus on delivering value to the customer, not just promoting the business or products.




Utilize different marketing tools to reach a wider audience


Keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape, the speakers discussed the relevance of different marketing tools, such as email marketing, social media, Google Ads, and SMS, in reaching a wider audience. They emphasized that small businesses should explore these tools and figure out which ones work best for their specific needs.


"Think about the marketing tools that are available to you today. Google ads, SEO revamped website, email marketing, SMS... There's a lot that can be done," said David.


Personalize and adapt marketing strategies according to your audience


Recognizing the diversity of their audience, the speakers shared insights on how to adapt marketing strategies to cater to different segments. This includes personalizing content, making it accessible for less tech-savvy users, and remaining sensitive to different cultural and religious practices.


"Your demographic has an impact... if you're emailing young moms as opposed to senior people in the retirement community, your emails need to be different," explained David, giving practical tips such as using larger fonts and clearer call-to-actions for older demographics.


Utilize video content for more effective marketing


The speakers agreed on the power of video content in making an email or social media post more engaging and appealing to customers. They encouraged businesses to use video messages to make their marketing more personal and relatable.


"Video is powerful," stated David, pointing out that a short video message from a business owner can make their business more likable and human.


Test and measure your marketing strategies to determine their effectiveness


Finally, the speakers stressed the importance of testing and measuring the effectiveness of different marketing strategies. They pointed out that what works for one business may not work for another, and that it's crucial to track and analyze the results of each campaign to determine what works best.


"Each business is different, each campaign is different," said David. "So you just need to make an assessment of what did this marketing program do for me and make sure that when you are running things, that there's a way to track it."



Insights surfaced

1. Marketing is a continuous effort, not just something to focus on during specific seasons or events.

2. Providing value to customers is crucial. This can be done through information, education, or entertainment.

3. Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses. It's important to focus on delivering value, staying consistent, and creating engaging content.

4. Utilizing SMS for marketing can be effective, as it allows businesses to reach customers directly on their mobile devices. However, it's important to ensure that these messages provide value and are not viewed as intrusive.

5. Social media is a valuable platform for marketing. Businesses should aim to create engaging content that encourages interaction and shares.

6. List growth is important for marketing. Businesses can grow their lists by providing value, creating engaging content, and offering incentives for sign-ups.

7. When asking for donations or funding, it's important to tell a compelling story and show the impact that the donations will have.

8. For marketing to seniors or less tech-savvy individuals, keeping things simple and clear is key. Large fonts, clear calls to action, and offering phone support can be beneficial.


Key quotes

1. "Marketing is easy to do, but it's hard to do well because, like in any profession, there are rules of thumb, experiences, best practices, and it really makes a difference when the marketing is well done." - David Fisher

2. "I think what you really need to do when you are doing these things in relation to a Black Friday or a cyber Monday, those types of things, I think you really need to stay true to what your deadlines are because if you end up being, in this case, where you're doing something and it's like this weekend only, and then like, hey, now we've extended it, right? Really what's happening is you're training your customers to not have to take action because they know there's going to be another deal right around the corner." - Dave Shares

3. "You need to remind the market that you exist. Nobody wakes up every morning thinking about your business." - David Fisher

4. "People do business with people they know, like, and trust, and so think more about how can you do those things to help people know, like and trust you so that when you do ask them to buy it, you don't have to beat them over the head with it. They're more ready and primed to do that." - Dave Shares

5. "Think of an email address as an asset of your business. An email address allows you to communicate with people who show an interest in your business. That email address has value to it." - David Fisher

6. "When done well, [SMS marketing] can work magic because the equivalent of the open rate is probably 98%." - David Fisher

7. "The nice thing about digital marketing is it's eminently measurable. But then the bottom line is, how many dollars did this contribute to you?" - David Fisher.


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