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When it comes to email marketing and ecommerce, winning means getting the right messages and products in front of the right people, at the right times. But that means digging deeper into your data and going beyond promo blasts sent to your entire contact list. It also means striking the right balance between sending too much and sending too little.


How do busy ecommerce sellers get it done and start adding more to their bottom line?


In this free one-hour webinar, you’ll learn how Constant Contact customer Capital Teas is overcoming challenges and winning in ecommerce. Join us to learn:

  • How they’ve grown their business
  • The marketing tools and strategies they use to sell more and reach more people
  • How they use A.I. technology to sell more with email marketing


About the company: Capital Teas is a leading American tea brand owned and operated by Anchor Beverages, Inc. in Annapolis, Maryland. Its specialty teas and unique products are cherished throughout the United States and in select international locations. Today, thousands of people start and end their day with Capital Teas. With a strong and ever-growing customer base throughout the United States and Canada, the company executes its mission daily by educating people and inspiring lives through the wonders of tea, one cup at a time.


About the session

This webinar was centered around e-commerce and email marketing. It provided insights into the challenges of running an e-commerce business and how to overcome these with effective email marketing strategies. The session also discussed how to make the most out of your business, whether you're just starting or have been around for a while.


Key speakers

- Stephanie French, Content Manager for Webinars, Constant Contact

- Elizabeth Davis, Marketing Director and Director of Customer Relations, Capital T's



- Introduction to the challenges and opportunities in e-commerce and email marketing

- Discussion on how to get the right messages and products in front of the right people at the right times

- Insights from Elizabeth Davis on how Capital T's has grown their business and the marketing tools and strategies they use

- Q&A session



Takeaway: Despite the logistical challenges of running an e-commerce business, consistent and strategic email marketing can significantly contribute to sales and customer engagement


Elizabeth Davis, the marketing director and director of customer relations for Capital T's, shared the company's journey from a single brick-and-mortar store to a successful e-commerce business. She highlighted the importance of email marketing in their business strategy, describing it as crucial for getting "the right messages and products in front of the right people at the right times." According to Davis, this involved delving into the business's data and moving beyond general promotional blasts, striking a balance between sending too much and too little.


Davis emphasized the significance of email marketing by revealing that even though it accounted for only 10% of Capital T's sales, it was responsible for 100% of their profits. This insight led to the decision to close all physical stores and focus entirely on e-commerce. "We attribute about 50% of our sales to email marketing," said Davis.


The marketing director also shared how the company leverages AI technology to automate email marketing, predicting what messages individual contacts should receive and when they should receive them. This automation means that the right message is sent at the right time, improving email results, response rates, and customer engagement. Davis pointed out that the AI "takes a whole level of pressure off of me and allows me to go about my day and do everything else I need to do without really worrying about the email."


Takeaway: Frequent newsletters can be effective if they offer value and consistency


While the idea of sending daily newsletters might appear overwhelming to some businesses, Davis explained that this strategy worked remarkably well for Capital T's. The newsletters offer a mix of engaging and valuable content, including promotions, product highlights, tea jokes, and health-related articles. The company has found that their customers appreciate the consistency and look forward to the daily emails.


“Our biggest advice is take the risk. It's worth it in the end,” Davis said. She revealed that the one time she didn't send a daily newsletter, she received complaints from customers who missed their daily dose of updates, promotions, and tidbits. This confirmed to the company that their emails were effectively reaching customers and were valued by them.


Davis also emphasized that the content of the emails was thoughtfully curated to ensure it was interesting and appealing to customers. From catchy subject lines to eye-catching graphics and a mix of informative and engaging content, the newsletters are designed to capture the customer's attention and encourage them to engage with the brand.


Takeaway: AI eases the email marketing process, saving time and improving customer engagement


Davis shared how the use of AI technology has transformed Capital T's email marketing strategy. The AI tool they use analyzes data about their customers, predicting what messages individual contacts should receive and when they should receive them. This automation not only improves the email results and enhances customer engagement but also saves time for the marketing team.


She explained how the AI tool ensures that their emails are delivered to customers' inboxes at the time they are most likely to open them. “The AI has realized when the customer checks their emails. So the email that I sent in the morning doesn't get delivered to the customer's inbox until they are likely to check it.” This means their emails are more likely to be seen and engaged with, enhancing their effectiveness.


The AI tool also keeps track of customer behavior and adapts the content of emails accordingly, Davis said. “The AI is reading that and sending out whatever they may need — whether it be they bought this and it's been a couple of months since their last purchase. The AI is following up with that email. It's a wonderful tool.”


Insights surfaced

- Email marketing is a crucial tool for e-commerce businesses, helping to get the right messages and products in front of the right people at the right times.

- It's important to find the right balance in email frequency, with Capital T's finding success in daily newsletters.

- Utilizing AI technology can greatly enhance email marketing strategies, automating the process of sending the right messages at the right time.

- Consistency in product quality and marketing is key to attracting and retaining customers.

- Engaging customers with interesting content and personalized experiences can improve email open rates and sales.


Key quotes

- "Winning really means getting the right messages and products in front of the right people at the right times."

- "We attribute about 50% of our sales to email marketing."

- "If you're constantly worried, it just doesn't help you. But my biggest advice is again our CEO who is and this is where it comes from, he is he served in the navy for nine years, he's a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. And he always always always refers back to those who will not risk cannot win."

- "The beauty with constant contact is if you're struggling, there's two things you can do... we have the ability that there is a subject line maker that I can type in what I'm trying to say and it will generate some things for me to try."

- "I feel like having the AI was like cloning me. It's like having another me that literally just does all the email and it's just a wonderful tool."


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