ADA Compliance - Accessibility

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Hello! The IT Department at our city (I work for a government agency) has said that our Constant Contact script does not comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and that they cannot resolve the issues as the script belongs to Constant Contact. Specifically, this is code used to make the pop-up and in-line "Sign Up for Newsletter" box. More specifically, the IT Department told us: "The Constant Contact element on pages like are causing ADA issues. Since this element is coming from the script generated by Constant Contact, we are unable to address these issues. You would need to reach out to Constant Contact to resolve them." Can Constant Contact help us here?
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Hello @Nicole201 ,


Thank you for the wording your IT provided. Would you be able to share what screen readers or other related programs your IT is using, where they're encountering the scripting issues? This way we can get the info to our devs for future enhancements to our existing online tools.

William A
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