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How many time we can send mail in a month?

or how many campaign we can run in a month?

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Hello @user6688257 ,

While there isn't a hard cap on the number of emails you can send out, I would advise not sending so much to your contacts that it ends up feeling spammy, but sending enough that you can capture their attention. This can vary from one audience to another, as well as vary based on your industry / what you're sending. People tend to feel very differently about solicitations to buy or donate than they do about stuff like general news, positive affirmations, horoscopes, etc. There is a happy medium between too little and too much that will shift based on your circumstances.

In regards to pricing, all plans have a monthly send limit of up to 24 times your total contacts. Beyond this, an overage fee of $0.002 per email is applied toward next months' bill. So for example, if you have 10,000 total contacts, you can send up to 240,000 total emails before the overage fee of one-fifth of a cent per email would kick in. Make sure to check out this article for a full overview of how the send cap and overage fees work.

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