Adding Display Ads into my newsletters

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We run a small B2B media company and use Constant Contact for our subscriber eNewsletters.  I'm looking for a better solution to add display ads into our eNewsletters (we use Ad Butler for our website).  My challenge is that currently we have to do this manually and reporting is a nightmare.  I'd like to incorporate the Ad Butler codes into my newsletter but it says we need a custom coded newsletter template and not sure how to do that.


Any suggestions?

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Hello @CharliK.M1 ,


Here's our article on utilizing the custom code editor, however you'd still need knowledge on HTML coding to be able to construct the email. Our higher level Tier 2 technical team can provide troubleshooting for errors you may encounter, but ultimately we aren't going to be able to rewrite or make a block or email's full code for you.

William A
Community & Social Media Support