Alt text disappearing after saving

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Hello, Having an issue with adding Alt text to email where it seems like the Alt text field goes blank once I've clicked save and closed the image in question. I ensure not to include special characters in the alt text, but it still looks like it disappears after saving it. If the field goes blank, does that mean it erased my Alt text, even if it had no special characters?
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Hello @JayS7667 ,


The text should remain in the type-able area if it's sticking. Are you editing the alt text for these images in the email editor itself or in your Library? Do you explicitly click the blue Save button after adding/editing the alt text, or do you click outside of the pop-up screen for it?


When I was testing in your account and my own, I was noticing that the changes to the alt text stuck when editing directly through the Library tab. However the insert / replace image window wasn't keeping those same edits after hitting the save button and then hitting the insert button, even if the image was already in the campaign. Is this your experience as well?

William A
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