Android compatibility

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Hello! We're testing this newsletter and it seems not to display properly on Android. It does not show the full page. I can't see any reports of Android compatibility issues on your website. I have images I can show you. Thank you.
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Hello @user199233 ,


Is your display issue regarding an email as it shows in an email client like Gmail, Outlook, etc.? If so, are your display issues occurring on multiple email apps, or just one in particular? Additionally, keep in mind that some email apps and sites will automatically cut off emails that are too long, and insert links to display the full versions in a separate tab / window they generate.


Or are you trying to build your email on the website, while using an Android device? Generally speaking, we don't advise using the website to construct emails on mobile devices, but rather use the mobile app for building emails on such.

William A
Community & Social Media Support