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When I started using the new app recently it was fabulous - easy, intuitive and reliable. In the last few days, however, it is glitching - a block of text showing as underlined and will not change no matter how many different times I try. Realised when going back into the desktop version that the underlining wasn't there, but still showing in the app. I re-formatted in the desktop version but still showing underlined in app. Very odd. Also, suddenly when uploading photos from my phone they're no longer being imported into the newsletter in the resolution they started in. Same/identical photo inserted into newsletter from Desktop version is crystal clear. Doing from the App it is coming through very low res. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm keen to hear them! I like being able to use the app, especially for making quick changes on the go or adding material when it suits. Thanks!
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Hi @user0740982. I'm not able to replicate the same issue on my end with the underlined text when working in the mobile app or seeing a blurry image. This was done in my own account since I do not have access to your account through my phone so I may not be taking the same steps as you are. Was this text pasted or typed in? Was the campaign originally created through the mobile app or through a desktop?


For the app, how was the photo uploaded (through the app or desktop)? How large is the file size? Do you have a screenshot you can provide to us of the blurry image? 


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