Are Tablets Considered "Mobile" Devices for Calculating Open % Rates?

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We have a fairly high level of tablet users in our audience, yet we have very low Mobile Open Percentage rates.  We understand the low mobile open rate is affected by Apple's policies, but - in general - would tablets be considered a "mobile device"? 


There are many people who use them only when connected to wifi, so they are not being used as a true "mobile device".  Can you tell the difference?  How would that affect the numbers reported?

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Hello @KevinB2142 ,


If the opening of the email triggers the mobile formatted view, it'll be considered a mobile open. This would be through email apps meant for mobile devices, or for browser versions that need to rearrange themselves for mobile view. If tablet users are opening the emails in desktop format, then it won't count as a mobile open.

William A
Community & Social Media Support