Automation to reactive inactive customer using Zapier link?

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I am on the Standard plan. Is it possible to modify a Pre-built Automation Template to send an email to reactivate inactive customers? Our current Zapier link pulls in the date of each customer's last transaction. I want to email them when it's been 120 days since their last transaction. Is thaht possible? If yes, how? I'm relatively new to using automations. Thanks.
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Hello @VickiH79 ,


If you're using an e-commerce store compatible with the newer Automated Path Builder, you could setup a trigger for a 120 day follow-up after a transaction.


Otherwise, there's nothing inherently built into our system for that kind of functionality with Zapier. It would need to be something triggered from within Zapier, to then add the contacts to a list that is being used for the trigger of an older automated series.

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