BUG - CTA buttons for Microsoft Outlook not clickable, Constant Contact STRIPS out HREF attribute

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Hi, I would like to make a note that Constant Contact strips out code when using outlook specific buttons.


I tried reaching out to support about this issue (as it probably affects any of their customers who use the same method for Outlook CTA buttons).


The issue is when using code similar to what is on https://buttons.cm/ that uses the <v:roundrect href="http://website.com"></v:roundrect> element... Constant Contact actually strips out the "HREF" attribute of the element rendering any CTA buttons not clickable in Outlook (2019, or some sort of Native Client) on Windows machines.


I've tested this with other email marketing tools, and links work fine, but after sending through Constant Contact, I've looked at the source in Microsoft Outlook, and the HREF tag indeed has been stripped out.


I tried reaching out to support to submit a bug to Constant Contact in general, but they were not very helpful, saying that I need to talk to a Custom HTML email expert. The issue isn't with the email code, it is with the Constant Contact platform itself.


Any updates on this bug, if/when Constant Contact will fix it would be great.





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Hello @ColinR71 ,


I'd recommend calling our general support number, and requesting a transfer to the higher level technical team. As the chat agent said, speaking with one of our HTML-coding trained higher level technical agents would be the best person to troubleshoot this with. As it involves using the custom code editor, and based on your description that editor seems to be stripping some of the coding you're trying to include, it'd be best to discuss this directly with those higher level agents for information gathering and live troubleshooting.



William A
Community & Social Media Support