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HI There. I am new to this community and am always looking for feedback. I am a Facial Spa in Bridgeport, TX. I am constantly doing email campaigns and posting on Facebook and other pages. I have a website and people making my google page #1. This has been the slowest I have ever been and this is why I have joined. My sale campaign is on my website This is my year to make a profit!
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Hi @L76051 - Welcome to our community! Thanks for joining and sharing. You definitely have the right attitude, and I think your website looks great!


What would you say is your primary marketing goal this year? 


What would you say is the most popular service you offer? On the main page of your website I see the neck package, chin hair package, and silver membership as the 3 options listed. If the most popular service is, say, a standard facial I think that would go well featured on the home page and packaged in a way that they could choose between the basic and the facial packages with a few add-ons.


For email marketing, are you following up with clients after an appointment? It could be a great time to ask for a review, or after some time follow up with a message that it's been a month (or however long makes sense) and encourage them to make an appointment.


I hope you keep us updated here with your challenges, successes, and any advice you've found works for you!

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Hi there, a major issue that may be affecting your business is that your website in not secure. When clicking on the link, one gets this error message:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from   example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). 


We are a marketing agency that helps with these types of challenges and if we can be of help, reach out.
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