Best WooCommerce data scenario?

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We have a WP site that uses WooCommerce, B2BKing, Stripe and ConstantContact.  I noticed that my initial integration which has now been lost for some reason but I want to reconnect and get data in sync, in doing so I noticed the Stripe integration which made me think about data modeling in ConstantContact.  Also using B2BKing I have B2B customers and B2C customers I need to communicate with, I noticed last time they all came in together with Woo status' on them.


My questions:

1.  Should I run a WooCommerce and Stripe integration at the same time ? What are benefits?

2. How can I get customer data with B2BKing augmented data into ConstantContact with the tags b2b, or b2c ?

3. Which is the best WooCommerce to ConstantConstant plugin as I have noticed terrible reviews all Woo's and ConstantContacts developed plugins?


Thanks in advance, that Monkey mail project blows


Hi @NeslyO ,


Interesting questions. Between all of your systems do you have one that acts as your "one source of truth" or do they all have their own unique data that you want to capture? If one acts as a master database it might be easiest to just set up the one integration.


1. It's a good question. We just added the Stripe integration so I'm still learning it myself. Some of the pre-defined lists may be redundant between the two integrations. However, you can add the Constant Contact app to your Stripe account if you want view your email engagement directly from the Stripe dashboard.


2. It looks like B2BKing allows the ability to export information to spreadsheets. If you already have the tags created in your Constant Contact account, you should be able to format the export from B2BKing so that the tags are added via a file import into Constant Contact. The following is a basic example what the file should look like:

Email Address Tags tag1, tag2 tag2


If you a contact happens to have both the b2b and b2c tag you can separate the tags by comma like in the first example. Otherwise, I assume most would just have the single b2b or b2c tag in the second example. 


3. My obvious bias aside, I'll say we've put a lot of work into our WooCommerce plugin over the last few years. I'd recommend trying it since the setup time is pretty low, so if you end up not liking it you shouldn't be out too much time. It sounds like you're mostly interesting in syncing contacts, but a big reason I'd recommend our WooCommerce integration is because we've added additional features outside of contact syncing that are pretty neat.  One would be the ability to sync with your store to easily add a product into an email. Another would be access to our new, more powerful automation features. This allows you to set up conditional spits, or other automated communications for thank you emails or abandoned cart reminders. This article has some screenshots that should give you an idea before you dive in. It's a relatively new feature that we're really excited about expanding.


Feel free to come back and let us know how this works for you or if you have any other questions. I'll leave you with a link to our WooCommerece guide that provides a nice summary of all the features, including some I didn't get to mention.

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Thanks for this response, it gives me a lot to review and is really helpful.  Right now, I don't have a source of truth, that's is one of the decisions I need to make, I am looking at ConstantContact or Zoho's Bigin (now or later, not sure), it maybe I unify the data for now in ConstantContact and then integrate with Bigin later. 


Let me review.. thanks.

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