Branding Template

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I do not understand why it will not go to the correct website for branding. I always have to enter the correct one. Then it is a problem for to or three more times before it works.
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Hello @HouseWine ,


The system is set to automatically pull up branding from a Website Builder connected site that's been created and connected to the account. If you're needing assistance moving your other site to the WSB, I'd recommend reaching out to their support team for assistance.


Regarding entering your preferred site in, I checked some of your previous cases regarding this, and grabbed the URL for your site. When I plug it in to replace the auto-populated WSB site, I have no issues getting the branded templates to generate. If you're continuously having issues with that loading / connecting, I'd advise performing some basic connectivity troubleshooting, or restarting your router by turning it off and then turning it back on 15-30 seconds later.

William A
Community & Social Media Support