Changing email to a landing page

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I just started using CC 3 days ago.  I have a section in an email that my group now wants to use as a stand alone Landing Page.


Is there a way to extract multiple blocks of data with formatting and paste into a new Landing page? or Can I copy the exiting email, delete all data that is not wanting for landing page and convert an email to a landing page. Or, is there a web address I can use for the redacted new email and just point to that from the original email ?


I would appreciate any and all help 

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Hello @D33_Toastmasters ,


Since they operate in different capacities and editing setups, it's not really possible to do a clean 1:1 conversion. My advice would be to copy-paste the text as you need, and do any reformatting you feel is necessary. Images you'd have to re-insert individually.

William A
Community & Social Media Support