Charts Extremely Difficult to Type in

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Does anybody else have this issue? The tables are extremely annoying to use. The mouse jumps back and forth and skips letters, words, lines, etc. It's very slow as well and sometimes even though I save my email, the next time I go back on, some information deletes itself. I reached out about this a while ago and was told it might just be a browser issue, but everyone in my company is experiencing this on different browsers and different computers with settings all updated. Private browsers don't work either. 

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Hello @TracyB3806 ,


I've tracked the known issues regarding the mouse jumping when hovering over the screen, as well as the issue regarding the conflicts with the autosave when typing. At this time the devs are still collecting info on it, so we don't have a hard ETA on when an update will be available. When there is, they'll notify you directly.


In the meantime, the mouse jumping around shouldn't be affecting your typing, it's simply a visual glitch based on the info gathered and behavior observed so far, including when my tests. Regarding the spacing issues, you'd need to either type your info quickly to overcome the autosave conflict, or go back in after typing your info and add the spaces that it missed when rendering. I realize that's not really a workaround, but at this time it's the best way to power through the existing issue.

William A
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