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I have been trying for multiple days to get live contact support via phone number on website. Chat only gives me PDF links which is not helping.

What is going on that I cannot make contact and just stay on hold listening to music. I see no way to send EMAIL to CC help support.


I need help with client FIRST campaign being sent to 36K recipients.

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Hello @FutureVuBrands ,


When you engage with Chat support, it will initially try to provide articles you can reference, which can help with answering basic questions, making it quicker for you to get assistance and skip any queues. Otherwise, if the articles don't answer your question, you can select the orange button that says "Chat with us" to enter the queue for Chat support. Phone support is also available, though may have a bit of a queue, depending on how busy it is that day. We're also available here in the Community, and via social media DMs.



For all of our available support channels and hours of operation, please see our main Contact Support page. Specific teams have email addresses that are assigned to their respective queues, and utilized on a case-by-case basis. If you're needing general support and cannot contact one of our main support channels, you're welcome to email social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your account username and a description of your issue.


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What are you looking for in regards to sending your email? Anything specific, or are you just looking for general advice? One thing I will point out - for an account with its own domain and sending to that many contacts, I would strongly advise you set up self-authentication for your account to achieve the best deliverability. If you're needing specialized assistance regarding email self-authentication, I'd suggest speaking with our Delivery team directly.

William A
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