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When gathering responses for a survey page, is it possible to make sure that the same person/email account cannot submit more than one response?

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Hello @AlvaChamberofCommerce ,


If you send the survey out as part of an email, it should be able to capture that contact's info so it can prevent them from repeatedly completing it. If you're just collecting responses through the plain share link in a social post, on a website, in a landing page, etc. then you may get multiple anonymous responses since those can't be tracked in a way that would prevent repeats.

William A
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I can certainly see when someone has submitted a survey reponse multiple times, but how can I produce a nice report AFTER eliminating second and subsequent responses from the same email address? Or does it become a manual exercise?


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Hi @FrancesP793. While multiple responses can't be removed when working in your account, when a report is exported, these can be manually removed to have a more accurate report of who took your survey. 


Caitlin M.
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