Data security

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i just received several copies of a phishing scam from my customers.  This is one of the few places I have customer email addressed stored. I am concerned about data security at constant contact.

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Hello @brucek808 ,


There's no other recent emails, including in your deleted folder, other than the one you sent to your contacts regarding the phishing they'd received. There's also nothing else showing on your account for suspicious activity or other noteworthy elements. As you already have MFA established, you're the only one that'd have access to your account's credentials.


I'd advise running a virus scan on your (and your organization's) devices to check for anything suspicious. Or reach out to your organization's IT for further assistance.


If you're particularly concerned about your account's security, I'd advise contacting our Review teams to request a temporary lockdown of your account while your organization addresses your concerns.

William A
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