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Incredibly frustrating app!  It is adding blocks on it's own.  I tried to add a header ABOVE empty blocks and CC decided to put it somewhere else.  BY Trial and Error (because it is NOT INTUITIVE) I cannot figure out how to delete empty unused blocks that are pushing content down below where I want it to be positioned.   And, I seemingly cannot just drag and reposition a heading up above those empty unwanted blocks.

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Hello @JennaW87 ,


You can delete a block simply by clicking in it, then clicking the trash can. You can also delete an entire row by mousing over it, selecting the pop-up gear icon in its top-right corner, and selecting the trash can option there.




You can use the little arrows icon to drag a row up or down in your block, or you can simply click and hold a singular block to drag it to another position (denoted by a pink line). You can drag blocks over from the lefthand menu and deposit them where desired (denoted by the pink line), or you can double-click them to have them auto-inserted at the bottom of your email, then drag that row where desired. For more info on adding, arranging, and managing blocks, make sure to check out our main article on the subject.

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