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My first time to use CC for a newsletter campaign. I was surprised at how many of my contacts did not get the campaign for various reasons some saying non-existent account, suspended, other. I verified that for each, they are active. Also, I know that Google flagged my CC newsletter and threw it into spam indicating the sender was not safe. I'm only one person, but I have to believe this happens to all of your users. Is there a workaround? I will not pay for something that is not working.... 

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Hello @L88291 ,


If you're needing information on the different bounce types and how to address them, I'd advise going through our main article on the topic, or clicking the ? symbol on the bounce reasons in your report.


Additionally, if you have your own domain, I'd strongly advise setting up self-authentication for your account so your emails are being marked as coming more directly from you, rather than a 3rd party software (in this case us).


If you have additional questions regarding your bounces, setting up self-authentication, or general deliverability, I'd recommend speaking with our Delivery team directly.

William A
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