Disable the "Register" button for a simple form for registration

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We want a simple form where the person will enter a quantity which will be the amount they pay. The form always has a 'Register' button which is not what we want as it never takes the user to PayPal. It seems one has to either 'press enter' after entering the quantity, move the cursor elsewhere before the form shows "payment information" and the button becomes "Continue" There is no way a user can know they have to move beyond the field to see the 'payment information' - this is a design flaw. Also, the mobile form is hideous in that it sometimes takes more than one screen to complete a transaction and is hard to read on a phone.
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Hello @Eramirez ,


Is this referring to the newer event form? Can you provide any screencaps and further elaboration of what it is you're trying to do? Can you provide screencaps of the "hideous" mobile form and how exactly you'd like it to transition from filling out registration info to paying for an event's ticket?

William A
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