Donor Perfect Sync to Constant Contact


Super frustrating. New contacts added to Donor Perfect WILL NOT sync to Constant Contact. I have nightly sync activated, and my DP report shows that emails are being updated/created in CC but they aren't. I have been trying to resolve this for multiple months and neither CC or DP can help. These two softwares need to communicate and address this issue.

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Hello @MaddieG112 ,


Based on yesterday's chat and their followup email, they've suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the integration. If that doesn't resolve the issue, what information did DP give you when you reached out to them initially?


Have you reached out to the developers of the integration itself for support? If an integration was developed by a 3rd party that neither of us is connected to, then reaching out to that developer is going to result in better support for the issue, as they're the ones who have access to the systems for troubleshooting.

William A
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