Dynamic Content based on contact list?

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Is there a way to create dynamic content for specific contact lists? I have a contact list that includes my entire audience, but I also have my audience segmented into smaller contact lists depending on certain criteria. I want to send my newsletter to my entire audience, but I want some sections of the newsletter to only be visible if the audience member is on one of those segmented lists. I know you can do dynamic content based on contact profile fields, but is there a way to do it if they're included on a specific contact list?
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Hello @AggieDining ,


Dynamic content doesn't have a list option yet. In that regard, I'd advise using either tags based on list membership, or some other custom field element to differentiate these contact types for the sake of the dynamic content. 


Otherwise, the other option would be to simply make the base email, then have different copies of it with different content, which you can individually send to the smaller, corresponding list.

William A
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