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I recently had an issue where we had two contact entries for the same person with slightly different email addresses (the company had changed their email). I deleted one and tried to edit the other, but was restricted by CC with an error message that said 'this email address is already in your contacts'). 

I searched for this email address in every way I could, but never found it. So I deleted the entry and re-entered all the information. The entry re-appeared with all the previous engagement activity as if it was there all along!

There must be a CC bug that loses some addresses in the system?

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Hello @OACP ,


Since contact records are tied with their unique email addresses, it can cause issues if the email address you're editing a contact to become has already been associated with your account. Generally we'd advise either updating the other contact fields of the address you wish to keep and getting rid of the other, or just deleting both and then reimport the email address with all the associated contact field info.

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