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We have Adobe PDF documents we are trying to email that include form fillable fields and electronic signatures. When PDFs are downloaded by the user via the web, the electronic signature is lost. It does show up if and when the user downloads the PDF to their desktop. Is there a way to prevent the loss of electronic signature via PDF web download?

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Hello @AndreaP5 ,


At the moment there isn't a way to fill forms through our system, as the documents are hosted in G Drive, and thus cannot be saved or downloaded in the way they were edited. Editable PDFs tend to require a specialized program either already on the device or a 3rd party site to edit and save.

With that said, I can get your feature request submitted to our engineers. They will reach out if and when there's an update to this issue. In the meantime, you may wish to research 3rd party sites that provide ways for PDFs to be edited and submitted to you, or encourage your contacts to download the forms, fill them out and save them, then reply directly to your emails with the edited versions.

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