Email funnel not working satisfactorily

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Our agency has a download request form on our website for a planner via CC form.  When someone enters their email and hits submit the email funnel should be engaged and the email address receives the series of timed emails and their download material.  Now lets say it is weeks later and the person requesting our planner can't find it, so they go to the website to request it again.  As I understand it, CC will not fulfill that request a 2nd time because that email address is already on the 'planner list' from the previous request and nullifies any future requests for the material.   I heard this was fixed to allow multiple requests for the same material.  Does any one know?  I have to use a platform that will allow the multiple requests.

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Hello @NormaN0 ,


If the automation is set up as a list-join, and the contact is already in the list, then the contact signing back up for the same sign up form / specific list won't update their list membership at all. They'd need to be removed from the list, so that they're re-entered into it when they sign back up.

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