Font Attributes Not Saving

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On the last few email campaigns I've drafted, I usually start by setting the font attributes under the Design tab and go about creating my email; however, the font attributes almost never save. Sometimes it happens while working in the draft email, but mostly it happens after I exit the draft regardless of if I save or if it auto-saves. Then when I return to my work, I have to reset all the font attributes because it has been reverted to whatever the original template had set and therefore alters the appearance of my draft. 

I do not use any private/incognito browsers, and I always save my work. Please help!


Hello @LeslieT092 ,


It sounds more like you're running into a caching error, which can be typically resolved by clearing your browser's cache (or by using Incognito/Private browsing). If clearing your cache or disabling your browser's extensions doesn't alleviate the issue, I'd advise calling our general support number so they can continue troubleshooting with you live.

William A
Community & Social Media Support