Forwarded email with gray background

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Hello. When someone forwards an email that was created and sent through Constant Contact, the background color changes to gray about halfway down the email. Is there a way to forward emails from CC without losing the background color and design?


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Hello @DanielleL5795 ,


There isn't really a best template for forwarding. Since forwarding emails in an email program will result in essentially re-writing and restructuring the code, we have no way of controlling how the formatting will be changed by the program. In this regard, it'd be better to have the people you're forwarding to as contacts so we can just send the emails directly to them.


If you're unable to add them as contacts to send the emails directly to them, then your best bet for making sure the integrity of your email is maintained would be to provide the email's permanent URL to those people.

William A
Community & Social Media Support