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Our organization recently switched to Outlook from Thunderbird. When I sent our last Campaign, I noticed that in my inbox, the From Address on this campaign showed as an ex-employee's email address -- one that no longer exists anywhere in our email host, our Constant Contact account, or even in our Outlook Address Book or Shared Contacts. Their email ends, as it should, in, and is then followed by "On Behalf Of [Our Organization], my name + my email address suffix. No @ sign, but a + sign instead. 


I have no idea why this is happening. I sent a test campaign to someone outside of our organization, and the From Address is correct in their inbox (my email address). I can only hope this is true for all other recipients of our Campaigns, but I'd like to be sure!

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Hello @AnnaR2021 ,


Based on your description, that former employee's name is still attached to your account's authentication, which will only show for live sendouts (test emails do not use authentication). You can update your account's authentication through your My Account page, under the Advanced settings tab.


That said, it does sound like you're using our authentication, which is fine if you have a free domain (e.g.,,, etc.) If you have your own domain, I'd recommend switching to self-authentication.


If you have additional questions regarding your email authentication, please reach out to our Deliverability team for specialized support.


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