Have the issues raised by many users of the old survey tool been addressed?

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I have just received an email informing me that the existing survey tool will be cllosed down in March 2022 and from what I can see, all of the issues raised by the community haven't been addressed.  From poor reporting formats to the inability to capture email addresses and data from respondeants, tht are still fundamental flaws in the product that will make it completely unusable for my business.  Why haven't the concerns of your users been taken into account?


I have been with Constant Contacts for over 10 years but this change will  mean I have to find another survey tool.  

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Hello @PaulH82 ,


Regarding the email address capture, this can be done by sending the survey in an email to your contacts, similar to how it was before. Now the emails just use the standard editor, rather than the outdated legacy editor built-into the retired legacy survey tool. If you're trying to capture email addresses from outside of the email system - i.e. submissions gained by those accessing the link on your website or social pages - then you'd need to include a open answer question asking them to type their email address, similar to how the old system had a "type your info" question block.

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Regarding survey reporting, can you elaborate at all on what "poor reporting formats" you're referring to? The reporting for surveys includes both Summary and Full exports. If your issue is that the information looks clumped up when exported, you should be able to widen the columns / text wrap as needed in whatever spreadsheet program you're utilizing (Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, etc.) Graphical information is available on the Survey reporting pages, and those can be saved / screencapped if you're wanting visual reporting to go along with the exportable text reports. Is there other information you're needing that isn't included in the Full, Summary, or graphical reporting for the surveys?

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