Having trouble with editing some color blocks in my campaign

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1. Color blocks: I have searched answers as to why some (not all) color blocks in my campaign won't change color. It is impossible to work out whether a block is set as a feature block, or not, and how do you change the color, as the color is not even the same as the one set for the feature block. The advanced hex code and color apparently uploaded for the block in the setting for the block itself is completely different from the feature color AND the actual color. I tried to follow instructions which seemed to answer the problem and now I have a block with a different color behind the image from color behind the text and I can't change either. What is a feature block? And why even have one when for all the rest of the blocks, it's super easy to change the color and see as you move the cursor over the colors what it's going to look like? Why have a feature color when it makes everything so difficult around it? 


2. Using the Undo button only changes some edits, and mostly I've no idea if it has undone some other part of the email which I'm not aware of. Anyway, it doesn't undo the background color changes. So there is no easy fix when you make a mistake which you then can't undo.


3. Why do some dividers look thicker than others, even when they are all set to 1?


4. How do I set up colors so that the graded ranges of colors match our identity colors?


I have taken some screenshots in case you want to see what is going on.

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Hello @OpenArmsK ,


You may need to try a different browser or check some other display or connectivity elements, because I'm afraid I'm not able to recreate your described issues in your account or mine.


All the actual divider blocks of your latest emails are the same size visually, and are set to the bare minimum thickness of 1.


Feature blocks are a specific layout block available, which will default to a different color than your regular inner background default, if that's what you have setup in your Design tab. Some layout blocks will also have a two-color setup, where they have the regular inner background showing from behind the feature color. A row's inner background fill color can also be changed via the little right-side gear icon's fill bucket option, whereas a feature block's background is beholden to the default coloring chosen. 



Any layout that has that blue shade behind the lines will be using the feature default coloring. The parts lacking the blue shade would be using the inner background default coloring when initially dragged in, but can be changed to a different color via that gear icon's fill paint bucket.


The most recent colors you've used should show on that paint bucket icon. If you need to change any of your default colors, you can do so via the Design tab

William A
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William D,


Having understood the settings on the feature article blocks, it is quite frustrating that this still appears to be an issue. See attached screenshots, the spacers and dividers around the featured article keep the colour when I preview, the 'Feature layout background' seems to re-adjust to a grey colour even if another one is picked. see the second screenshot for the colour the 'design' tab has it set to. feature article wrong background colorfeature article wrong background colordesign tab color settingsdesign tab color settings

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Hello @TanyaC53,


It does appear that is how the template is designed. You may want to insert a block without a border instead. 

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FOLLOW-UP: turns out, the blocks I had been having issue with were old portions that had been copied from an older email, by re-creating them from scratch using the editor, I was able to have them keep the proper colours that I had assigned. Hope this helps someone. 

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Helped me!!!