How do you edit an ICS file?

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I copied a previous event as a template for a new event. I changed all the information, including location information (this event is online rather than in person as the original event was). I've had no issues until a registrant brought to my attention that the location of the in-person event was showing up in the calendar information when she added the event to her calendar. So, how can I edit the information that makes up the ICS file? 

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Hello @GLSI ,


This is a known glitch with the current event system, when copying a physical event and making it online. To fix you'd need to edit its Basics info

  1. Go to the location for the event and toggle to the physical location that has the old event name
  2. Add in the zoom link for the online event and Save / Finish
  3. Go back into location editing, and toggle it back to online event, then the add to calendar button should populate the location in the email client's location field.


  1. edit event basics > location > physical location > rename venue > finish
  2. edit event basics > switch back to online (previous online event info should remain in place) > finish

The other ways to avoid this would be to copy directly from an online event, or to make a new event.

William A
Community & Social Media Support