How does constant contact create new contacts when your a startup

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I'd recommend checking out our guide for organically growing your contacts. In it, you'll find several resources and article links for various functionalities, such as generating sign up forms, as well as how to use different ad types more effectively. It's also available in video format, if you prefer.



If your website is already established, that's where you'll want to have your online sign up forms. Inline and pop-up forms tend to look the cleanest, and you can incorporate your site's theme into them during the coding process.


Otherwise landing page forms are the most convenient as they require no coding, and can be placed anywhere you're normally able to have text / links. This includes your website, social media platforms, emails, etc. Physical sign up forms and the ListBuilder app can also be utilized for in-store sign ups.


Check out this article for an overview of using sign up forms for organic contact growth.



Knowing how to utilize ads and lead ads to their fullest potential is also a good idea. Ads (Google | Facebook/Instagram) are meant for driving people to your website or social pages, while lead ads' primary purpose is to bring in new contacts. Making sure your coded sign up forms are easily noticeable on your site, and making sure lead ads redirect to either your social pages or website, are great ways to make sure both ad types are working to your full benefit.



For the contacts you do have, making sure to include ways they can share your email easily with others can also generate additional leads. Check out this article for guidance on utilizing emails for further contact growth.



Beyond that, if you're wanting more advanced, 1:1 guidance on growing your contact base and conversions, we do also offer premium services like our Marketing Advisors and Managers.



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