How often do you send emails to your list of customers to stay top-of-mind?

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Pam Roussell of Purrrfectly Holistic talked with us recently about how she grew her business and how she markets to her customers. “You have to keep getting in front of people all the time. You can't just send one email a month and expect them to remember you ” Pam says.

How often do you send emails to your customers to stay top-of-mind?


We send out eblast newsletters on average every other Friday....we promote a contest and local events and businesses that we cover in our newpaper.

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I love that idea! Promoting contests, local events and businesses are always a great way to show your support for the community. Bravo! (Plus you're not sitting on the wheel trying to think of the next best content idea :wink:@MarieG96918 We would LOVE to know, how did you and your organization come up with your cadence for staying top-of-mind? Was it feedback from your contacts, or using reportings? Please share your secret sauce, and thank you for joining in on the conversation

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