How to get signup form html code

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How to get html signup form code 

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Hello @ChuckGreen ,


You'll need to copy the universal code available on Sign up forms page, then paste that into your website's coding. If you have an inline form, you'll also need to grab its specific inline coding.


I'd recommend following along with this article for the various steps to this. The article also has a slew of standard website builders, and how to install the forms in those builders' coders. If a builder doesn't allow outside coding, the article will state so.


See also:

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How do I access the universal code for a legacy sign-up form, and does the code allow for alteration to open in a new tab instead of navigating away from our website?

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Hi @NHCreativeEmailMarketer. There isn't a universal code for an inline or embedded sign-up form from the legacy editor. If this was a legacy landing page, you can copy the URL by going to Marketing Campaigns > click the three dots > Legacy Landing Pages > Actions > Form URL. If you had a legacy inline form, it needs to be created using the newer editor which provides you with the universal code.


We are not able to assist with modifying the universal code. Any edits must be done by you or a webmaster.


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