How to program WP to Sorting Contact Form Responses into 2 List

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Hello Everybody,

Newby here.  I have a WP site and I'm trying to get my responses (ex. Form 1= General Interest: Add to email listing.  Form 2=Volunteer) and I'd like to have them sorted when they come into my list here at Constant Contact.  


This is what I have done thus far... CC.SortingFormRepliesToList.png

Can someone tell me what to do from here because this is not working. 


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Hi @SherryW825,


Welcome! Mind if I ask a few questions to start?


Do you know which Wordpress plugin you installed for the Constant Contact form? We have an official Wordpress integration, and there are also several created by 3rd parties. They can all be slightly different, so to get the most accurate answer it would be good to know which one we're dealing with. I don't quite recognize this one by the screenshot.


Am I understanding correctly that you want two separate forms, each associated with separate list? Or one form with two lists and you want people to select which lists they want to be added to?


Also, for the screenshot you mentioned it isn't working. Are you referring to red banner at the top of the screenshot  or is there something else causing it not to work?


Thanks - Hope we can get this one nailed down!

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