I am using the app and am unable to paste web link in button

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Paste does not work for web link in a button but does in a text box
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Hello @JosephR2678 ,


Are you getting some kind of specific error message, or behavior you can describe in more detail? I had no issues when adding a copied link to a button in the campaign I tested in, on my phone. The link functioned as expected in preview and a test send as well.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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It does nothing when I attempt to paste into the link field. If I then attempt to paste into a text field the link address appears, but is not clickable. 

I HAD photos in my message, but when I adjusted their size on the laptop, they disappeared when I sent a test message.

Ultimately what I have learned is the app is garbage and I need to take my laptop along on vacation. : - (


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Hi @JosephR2678. I'm not able to replicate either of these issues when creating an email on the mobile app. I don't know what type of phone you are using (I have an iPhone), so I need to double-tap the link field in order for the paste option to appear. Are you not seeing the option at all?


With your photos disappearing, what email client are you using? Is there a security program that blocks photos from appearing until you allow them to show? If you remove and reinsert the photos, will they appear in the test?


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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