I linked to a PDF in an email campaign, but I don't see the PDF document in our library.

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About a week ago, I uploaded a PDF and created an email campaign. In the email, I linked to the uploaded PDF. Today, we sent out the email and the link works just fine. However, I now want to change the linked to PDF. The problem is that I cannot locate the PDF in our library. I've searched manually (looked at each document's thumbnail or clicking each URL of the documents in my library) and my colleague has also searched the library and we just cannot locate the PDF. Again, the link in our email works - the uploaded PDF opens. Hoping you can help. Thanks! 

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Hello @SeattleEA ,


I'd advise calling in so we can securely collect the exact name or URL of the PDF you're trying to find, and have our general support or higher level technical team track it down for you. Otherwise you can reply directly to the automated @ mention email you receive from this response, with the name of the email campaign, the exact URL or link it's associated with, and we can continue looking for it in your account.

William A
Community & Social Media Support