Image File Size impacts Loading of Email

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Hi there team,

I wasnt able to find a topic in this regards but I am just curious if I were to add multiple PNG high image files on a newsletter.
Would it affect my viewer assuming if they had really bad internet and they had to download these high image (below 5 mb) PNG file?
or does Constant Contact automatically scales it down by default?

What if we have edited the images before it enters constant contact?
Would that assist the viewer that has bad internet to view the file?

Could I maybe get some explanation on to this as I cant find any details on it on the website FAQ.

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Hello @LondonCollegeofClinicalHypM ,


You can add multiple images to a single email, even if they're all larger image file types. If a recipient's email client or internet connection is unable to properly view these images due to their size, that isn't something we're really able to control. The 5 MB upload limit is already taking such instances into consideration for the sake of deliverability, but beyond that it's something the recipient needs to handle.


If you're particularly worried about your recipients being unable to view your email properly with several large images, I'd advise adding a view as webpage link at the top of your email.


For more info regarding image imports:

William A
Community & Social Media Support