Importing Potential Duplicate Records

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I want to import a spreadsheet of contact records, including an email for each record, into my CC environment. I suspect there might be existing records in CC for some of the records I want to import. The existing data in CC is MORE accurate and up-to-date that the data in the spreadsheet that I want to import. Thus if one of the records I import matches an existing record in CC I want the data in CC to persist and I want the data I am importing for that record to be tossed out. Can I set this up in CC? If not I can probably find a hack to do this in XLS and a massive export of all the records in my CC environment but that might be a big pain in the you-know-what. Thoughts?

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Hello @Bristolyc ,


Anytime you import a file into your CTCT account, our system will treat that as the most up-to-date info - including for re-imports. Therefore, if you're wanting to not have your file import overwrite the information in place for already-imported contacts, you'll need to make sure they're not in that file. 


One potential way this can easier is if you:

  1. Export your current CTCT contacts and all info
  2. Import the new list of contacts
  3. Import the exported CTCT contacts to overwrite that new list's changes to the pre-existing contacts


For more info regarding contact file imports:

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