Incorrect Associated Mobile Number & Name Used for Multi-factor Authentication

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Hello - please help.


I took over this role & the associated account for my organization, and have had many issues with this service.  No matter how many times I change the mobile number or the name on the account, it always reverts back to the prior owner name & mobile number.  This is causing me a tremendous amount of grief, and has been occurring for over 6 months.  Can someone in tech support, please reach out to me & help me get this resolved?



Linda S. Gerber


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Hello @lindagerber ,


For account security, please call our general support so they can assist with account ownership and settings updates. 


Additionally, make sure you're logged in using the account owner's actual username and password credentials when updating your account settings. You may also want to see if this reversion issue is also occurring on other browsers, devices, or networks to narrow down what the source of the connectivity issue is.

William A
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