Links not working

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Test email works fine all the URL links open fine, but when I send it out it stops working after about 9 clicks on links. Very frustrating, not sure the issue but need to be fixed ASAP. Please help with any advice 

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Hello @JoshS59567 ,


Can you elaborate on your issue at all? Are you saying that you clicked the same exact link nine times in your copy after sending it live?


If that's the case, are you sure your network security or some other security element isn't suppressing that action? Opening the same tracking link multiple times in a short period of time from a single device can look suspicious to some basic browser, VPN, and other security program protocols. 


Otherwise, I'm not really seeing anything that's matching up with what you're describing. You just sent your email in the past hour, so the system is still receiving a stream of click and open reports over time. The most up-to-date by-the-second info is going to be when you look at the actual drilldown lists for each individual report type (clicks, opens, etc.) or for specific link performances.

William A
Community & Social Media Support