Logos from before 2022 do not show in side pane using new builder?

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We use a LOT of logos in our newsletters, and our Logos folder currently has over 500 images in it. However, ever since I moved to the new builder, the side pane (where you pick images while building your email) only shows images uploaded in 2022 or later (about 85 of the 500+ total). To use anything older I have to insert a blank image, then use the Replace button, search the Library, and select the logo there. For a newsletter with dozens of logos this quickly becomes extremely tedious. Is this a bug? Do I need to re-upload 400+ logos to get them back into the builder view? Hoping someone can help! Here is a screen recording showing how the side pane doesn't load all images: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zx5rakygp1lcc68/Screen%20Recording%202023-02-27%20at%2011.13.15%20AM.mov?d...
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Hello @NorthamptonChamber ,


After so many images, the side bar won't be able to load anymore without significantly requiring more bandwidth, which can cause overall lag and stability issues within the editor. At this time, I'd recommend using the standard image block insert and replace method. You can open up specific library folders or search for titles from within that Library window.

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I appreciate the reply, but would also point out that this worked fine in the “old” editor. So what for years was a simple drag-and-drop operation now requires somewhere around half a dozen clicks and a manual search of the image library, for almost *every* image I need to insert.
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